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2016 Fair At The PNE By The Numbers

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Spencer Finlay / 604 Now Flickr Pool

pne free admission
Spencer Finlay / 604 Now Flickr Pool

The annual Fair at the PNE has come and gone, capping off the end of summer tradition in Vancouver.

According to PNE President and CEO Mike McDaniel, British Columbia’s largest ticketed event received a positive response for this year’s entertainment and attractions.

The Fair welcomed 712,367 guests between August 20 and September 5, which represents a 5% increase compared to last year’s attendance of 678, 193.

New entertainment this year included  the North American debut of Angry Birds Universe: an exhibition about the art & science behind the global phenomenon; the Alien Worlds and Androids Exhibit; the new marquee show UNBELIEVABLE: A Magical Experience; and Festival Park, which featured a suite of Canadian themed programming throughout each day of the Fair.

The new attractions complemented traditional favourites such as Superdogs; the PNE Prize Home program; and the always popular Summer Night Concerts.

One of the most popular attractions of the Fair at the PNE was the food. From outrageous creations to wild and wacky treats, guests had a plethora of items to dig into in addition to the classic mini donuts.

Here’s a look at the 2016 Fair at the PNE by the numbers:

106 – age of this year’s Fair

53 – number of Fair’s the PNE’s longest Fair staffer Vern Frick has worked

8-9 – number of hours spent by the average family at The Fair

5,030 – approximate number of items returned to the Lost and Found

4 – number of retainers turned into the Lost and Found

150 – number of pounds of hats turned into lost and found on average at the Fair



360 – total participants in the 4-H auction

$320,00 – total sales for the 4-H auction

$34,315 – total number of dollars raised for the BC Youth in Agriculture Foundation at the PNE

120 – number of chicks born at The Fair

30 – 30 yard dumpster loads of dung taken away from the livestock barns

260 – number of bales of hay eaten by the animals during the Fair

700 – number of animals on display at the Fair



22,500 – average number of steps in a Fair day walked by each PNE entertainment team member

300,000 – number of people who watched the Superdogs show

42- number of dogs in the Superdogs show

860 – pounds of food consumed by the Superdogs during the Fair

5000 – number of hours of rehearsal for PNE shows by cast members

59 – years since Elvis played at the Fair

21 – number of headline artists at the Fair

7 – number of guest marching bands that performed at the Fair

6 – number of illusionists in the UNBELIEVABLE show

1700 – number of marshmallows shot into the audience during UNBELIEVABLE



50 – number of years Hunky Bill has been selling perogy’s at the Fair

68 – number of years Ernie’s Ice Cream has been at The Fair

75 – number of food vendors at the Fair

25,000 – pounds of dough used to produce mini donuts at Those Little Donuts stand

21,000 – racks of ribs sold in the RibFest area of the Fair

7,500 – number of Crazy Dogs sold

775 – pounds of potatoes used to make Wiggle Chips

69,000 – number of shrimp sold at Shrimp Boat

7,550 – number of samosas sold at Curry-In-A-Hurry

13,890 – number of lemons used at the lemonade stand

210,000 – ounces of Root Beer consumed at Buckeyes Root Beer

90,000 – number of corn dogs sold

3,000 – number of root beer floats sold at Ernie’s Ice Cream

125 – kilograms of fudge sold

2 – number of tablespoons of sugar in a large cotton candy

33,500 – number of cotton candies sold

30,500 – number of 16 oz. soft drinks sold

4,500,000 – number of Kernels popped at Canadian Kettle Corn



500,000 – number of stuffed animal prizes won at all games annually during The Fair

19,000 – number of annual plays on the Playland Midway Dart Game

3,270 – number of bottles broken at the Bottle Break Game on the Playland midway

25 – number of cents to play the Quarter Pitch Game

6000 – number of Jumbo prizes given away during the Fair


PNE Prize Home

121,000 – number of people that went through the PNE Prize Home

1,400,000 – dollar value of the PNE Prize Home Grand Prize Package

2,000 – average number of times per day a PNE Prize Home ticket seller says “Win a house, win a car”

82 – number of years the PNE has been giving away a PNE Prize Home


8,160 – number of times the Wooden Roller Coaster went around the track during the Fair

90 – number of seconds per ride on the Wooden Roller Coaster

218 feet – height of the AtmosFEAR ride

54 – number of rides at the Fair


The PNE will return next summer from August 20th – September 5th, 2017.

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