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20 Select Vancouver Buildings Will Offer Tenants Free Internet

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20 Select Vancouver Buildings Will Offer Tenants Free Internet

Twenty select buildings in Vancouver’s financial district will now be able to offer their tenants free, dedicated, fiber optic-based Internet services thanks to Epik Network’s (Epik) On-Net Building strategy.


Epik, the first company to bring flat rate billing to Vancouver five years ago,  is once again changing the telecommunications landscape in Vancouver. This time it’s with a new model that sees office buildings implement the infrastructure needed to completely eliminate Internet fees for their commercial tenants.

The buildings located primarily in the financial district are currently on Epik’s hosted VoIP network. Each has been wired with fiber optics that provide Epik with the ability to bring in virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity to service the needs of the business tenants.

This means that once a tenant in any of these buildings signs on for voice services with Epik for 10 seats and over, usually at a cost of $300-$500, they will now also have high quality, high availability Internet service for no extra charge.

With office space in Vancouver ranking as the most expensive in Canada, commercial tenants will no doubt welcome additional incentives that help lower the cost of doing business.

“Trying to grow a business in Vancouver is an expensive proposition. The average comparable in-market cost for this level of Internet service would be $500 – $1,000 per month from other providers. So saving $6K – $12K a year is significant,” said Claudio Nespeca, VP Operations & Marketing at Epik. “As we see a growing trend in consolidation of telecommunications services, buildings and tenants can’t afford not to look at this option.”

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