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10 Vancouver Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men In Vancouver

Halloween is coming up quickly. If you are like me, and very unorganized, you might need some help picking costumes. Here are some of the top ten10 Vancouver inspired Halloween costume ideas for men.



Halloween Costume Ideas For Men In Vancouver

 Canucks Player (or BC Lions or the Whitecaps)

Vancouver is heavily invested in our hockey. Some also into our football and soccer. This Halloween show your team pride by dressing up as one of your favourite players. All you need for this costume is the team gear!


 Riot Police or Rioter

Were you one of the people downtown when the Vancouver Canucks lost their all too important Stanley Cup game? Even if you weren’t there, you can still dress as if you were. You have two options, you can either dress as the riot police or you can be a rioter. To dress as the riot police, just go to any Halloween shop and purchase a tactical unit costume. To dress as a rioter, maybe have your Canuck scarf, hat, flag or anything you can find. You can also add a sign taunting the Boston team.


Halloween Costume Ideas For Men In Vancouver

The Green Men

Staying with our sports themed costumes, dress as one of the green men this Halloween. Going out with a friend, have him dress up as one as well. This costume is easy to put together last minute. All you will need is a green spandex suit and maybe a sign putting the other “players” off of their game.



Play into one of Vancouver’s biggest stereotypes: the hipster. Men, you need to grow out your beard (maybe throw some flowers in there), grab your tightest plaid shirt and denim (make sure you cuff up the bottoms) and add your loafers. You’ll fit right in to the Gastown vibe.



Vancouverites love to be down to earth and eco-friendly. Some Vancouverites even class themselves as hippies. Grow out your hair (or grab a long flowing wig), add a peace sign printed t-shirt, or a tie dyed one works, and put on worn levi jeans. If you can find some way to add floral accents, I suggest you do so. Make sure you end up near Main Street, you’ll be one with the crowd.



Here in Vancouver, we love our coffee. Show your love for Starbucks by dressing as one of their very own baristas. This one is easy to dress for, and you probably have most of these things in your closet. What you need: black pants, a black t-shirt and some black shoes. You might need to go out and find a green apron. To add to this costume, carry around a starbucks cup, with a name spelled in the most unusual way.



Bike lanes are found all over Vancouver and can sometimes cause some controversy. Play into this by dressing as a cyclist this Halloween. What you will need are some obnoxiously tight and bright cycling pants with a matching top, this can be long sleeved or short. Grab a matching helmet and cycling shoes to tie everything together. If you want to go the extra mile, lug around a bike with you all night.


Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

 Mayor Gregor Robertson

The ladies, and some men, of Vancouver love looking at their mayor, Gregor Robertson. Looking to gain some attention from the ladies, or men? Dress as your mayor this Halloween. Put on a suit with a dress shirt. You can add leather dress shoes and a tie to match your shirt. Make sure you have that part, and some silvery highlights, in your hair to complete the look. Worried you won’t be recognized? Find or make a pin with the Vision Vancouver symbol on it.


Halloween Costume Ideas For Men In Vancouver

Seth Rogen

Staying with celebrity status, Seth Rogen is from our very own 604. Rogen is very down to earth, therefore, your costume should reflex that. Pair together worn denim and your favourite t-shirt. Add a bomber jacket and black lace up converse. Don’t forget to wear his signature Ray Ban styled glasses.


10)  Instagram

Lastly, Vancouverites love to Instagram. We love our selfies, our food and our gorgeous surroundings. Play with this and show your inner instagramer. You have two options. One, you can grab a big piece of cardboard and make the instagram app. Two, you can be your own instagram post. Like the first option, you can grab some cardboard and make a square cutout. You will be your own post. On the lower half of the cardboard make a caption, add some likes and add your own comments. Voila, you are instagrammed.



Written by Megan Renaud

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