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10 World-Famous Tech Companies That Are Currently Hiring In Vancouver

Tech Companies Hiring In Vancouver

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Is Vancouver becoming Silicon Valley North? More and more tech giants have set up shop in Metro Vancouver, and if recent evidence is any indication, that trend will likely be continuing.

Several companies, big and slightly-less-big, have recently-relocated or added operations in Vancouver, which means that they’re hiring!

Here are 10 of the biggest tech companies currently hiring:

1. Amazon

As you’ve probably heard by now, Amazon will be taking over the old Canada Post building downtown. This week the e-commerce giant and cloud-service-provider announced that it’s opening a Cloud Innovation Centre at the UBC, the first of its kind in Canada. A small sample of positions looking to be filled:

  • Front-End Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Sr. Product Manager
  • Programmer Writer
  • Senior Game Designer

2. Apple

Late last fall, Apple, whose devices you’re probably reading this on, announced that it was opening a major corporate office downtown on W Georgia Street, and with that, a variety of jobs:

  • Full Stack Java Engineer
  • Operations Expert
  • Business Expert
  • Sr. iOs Engineer, Apple Books
  • Software Engineer

3. Microsoft

The Seattle-based Microsoft was one of the first tech giants to open a corporate office here in Vancouver, and it’s currently looking for people to fill various positions across its various divisions, such as Microsoft Garage and XBOX, and more:

  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Concept Artist
  • Senior Level Artist, The Coalition, Gears of War
  • Art Designer, The Coalition, Gears of War (Multiplayer)
  • UX Designer

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4. Electronic Arts

As one of the biggest developers and publishers in the video game industry, Electronic Arts, often referred to as EA Games, has several studios around the world, including a beautiful campus in Burnaby that’s always working on some of the most popular sports video game franchises.

  • Java Software Engineer, FIFA
  • Brand Manager, FIFA
  • Assistant Producer, NHL
  • Interface Artist, UFC
  • Associate Technical Artist

5. Fujitsu

Earlier this week, news broke that Japanese tech giant Fujitsu, a Fortune 500 company, had selected Vancouver to be the home of their global artificial intelligence headquarters. Few details are available as of writing, but several job boards already list several vacancies looking to be filled.

  • Operations Research Assistant, AI-HQ
  • Sr. Marketing Manager, Digital Innovation & Emerging Tech
  • Lead Technical Consultant
  • Sr. AI Product/Offerings Manager
  • ESRI Developer


6. HootSuite

If you haven’t heard of HootSuite, you’ve probably heard of some of the companies that the social media management platform has worked with: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Based right here in Vancouver, HootSuite is looking to hire people across their departments.

  • Software Developer
  • Business & Corporate Development Strategist
  • Lead Copywriter

7. Slack

There’s a good chance you know somebody who works on a team somewhere, and there’s a good chance that team uses Slack to communicate with one another. Originally founded in Vancouver, the now-American company has operations in several continents.

  • Staff Software Engineer, iOS
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Customer Experience Manager

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8. Asana

Another company that specializes in products for business use, Asana is a web and mobile productivity application used for project and task management. Their list of customers include: The New York Times, NASA, Slack, and the publication you’re reading now, 604 Now!

  • Software Engineer, Product
  • Product Designer
  • Data Scientist

9. Tile

Tile was founded in 2012, but it hasn’t started taking off until recently. The California-based consumer electronics company specializes in Bluetooth tracking hardware that you can attach to any object you choose, allowing you to find stuff you may have accidentally mis-placed or lost.

  • Data Engineer
  • Senior Back-End Engineer
  • Principal Back-End Engineer

10. Postmates

Postmates isn’t as popular on this side of the border as it is in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that the logistics and on-demand delivery company isn’t hiring in Vancouver.

  • Network Engineer
  • Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • Senior Applied Scientist

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