10 Student Clubs To Sign Up For: UBC Editon

10 Student Clubs To Sign Up For: UBC Editon

With the school year in full swing, most students are likely swamped in piles of textbook readings and contemplating whether to drop out of school, or not… It’s important to know however, that life outside of the classroom does exist, and no it does not involve going to work, studying, or sleeping.

Post-secondary institutions offer student tons of variety in terms of clubs to sign-up for which ultimately helps them join a cause they’re passionate about, and meet other students with like-minded interests. Here is a list of 10 clubs to sign up for at the University of British Columbia

Accounting Club

Calling all accounting students! Established in 1983, the UBC Accounting Club is one of the largest and oldest student organizations at the University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus, and is the official undergraduate accounting club at the Sauder School of Business at UBC. The UBC Accounting Club is known to hold over 50 events annually with a membership of 300 students and growing. With the continued support of the local business community, this group of students provide numerous opportunities in the accounting field. To sign up email [email protected].


Afghan Student Association (ASA)

As-salamu alaykum! One of UBC’s newest clubs, the Afghan Student Association aims to bring together Afghan youth of the Vancouver community together to build an atmosphere that helps promote the vast, and unique culture of Afghanistan while putting a little Western twist to it. With an aim to share Afghan culture and to rejoice through social events and programs, they hope to diminish unfamiliarity students may feel towards Afghans or Afghanistan. More importantly they offer a platform for Afghan students to get further involved within their own community. If you are interested in learning more, or joining email [email protected].


Arts Undergraduate Society 

Being Western Canada’s largest university, UBC has a lot of students enrolled every year, and many of those students are in the faculty of Arts. An ideal way for them to get involved in their own faculty is to join the Arts Undergraduate Society. The Arts Undergraduate Society of the University of British Columbia represents 12000 Faculty of Arts students & provides student services and social events. They aim to enhance your undergraduate experience and offer opportunities in the arts community, even helping you run for a council seat. Interested in joining? Email [email protected]


Bike Co-op Club

The primary purpose of the Co-op is to encourage more people to use bicycles as their primary mode of transportation at UBC and for commuting to UBC. Bicycling as transportation has many benefits such as physical fitness, low cost, lower environmental impact, and versatility when compared with alternatives such as driving cars or taking public transit. A greater cycling mode-share would be beneficial to the individual cyclists and to the community as a whole. To join email [email protected].


Chinese Christian Fellowship

Chinese Christian Fellowships (CCF) are Cantonese speaking students from various campuses in Greater Vancouver. They see themselves as a team of student missionaries whose purpose is to share and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in our campuses. Through connecting with schoolmates in creative ways, we desire to be a bridge between students and the church, bringing them to know and encounter Jesus. Interested in joining? Email [email protected].


eSports Association (UBC eSports Association)

The distractions of school can sure be a lot for people to handle, and the perfect way to escape from all that stress is by taking part in some good old fashioned video games. eSports Assiciation is the gaming organization of Vancouver centered around UBC, and one of the largest collegiate communities around the world. We seek to provide our members with ways to share and develop their interests of gaming through social events, tournaments, and community building. This club allows your hobbies to become beneficial to your everyday routine. To join email [email protected]


Food For Thought Club

Nowadays with our busy schedules it is hard to put together a healthy meal all the time, with many individuals relying on quicker, cheaper fast food options. Food for Thought’s purpose is to offer educational, interactive nutrition workshops to Vancouver’ s youth. They teach basic concepts of nutrition, to aid youth in realizing the importance of taking an active role in their well-being. Food for Thought is a student initiative that is built upon the volunteers that run it. Therefore, it is imperative that all new volunteers share in the same passion for nutrition education as we do. You can learn more by emailing [email protected]


Mental Health Awareness Club

The UBC Mental Health Awareness Club (or UBC MHAC) was established to provide opportunities to discuss and promote mental health awareness throughout the UBC campus and community. Their aim is to eliminate stigma towards mental illness and create an environment where students, staff and faculty members can discuss and learn about mental health together. We live in an age today where social issues, and conflicts are brought straight to use through social media meaning that the opportunity to do more is here now! To sign up email [email protected]


Power To Change

Regardless of religion, faith plays a role in all our daily lives, and helps millions of people build a philosophy that they will live by. Power to Change is a faith based club and they seek to create space for meaningful dialogue and conversation with students, exploring how faith plays a role in bringing change to this world. Sometimes believing in a higher power can make all the difference. If you would like to join email  [email protected].


Quidditch Club

Calling all Harry Potter fans! This club is a must for you if you are the fan of the ever popular Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. According to the online dictionary,  quidditch is defined as “an imaginary game in which players fly on broomsticks”. At UBC, they bring JK Rowling’s magical sport very much to life in the real-time, coed, full-contact sport that is known only by the word: Quidditch. So next time you see a few students walking around with brooms on campus don’t freak out….they’re just having some fun. To join email [email protected].


Written by: Hamed Amiri
Featured image via UBC Quidditch

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