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10 Signs You Grew Up In Port Coquitlam

Photo: Albert Lynn / Flickr

Port Coquitlam is nothing like Vancouver. It’s not a big, fancy city with tall buildings where people bustle through the streets in Armani suits and Chanel sunglasses. One street – Shaughnessy – basically connects the entire town with each other. Want to visit the beach? Well, Port Coquitlam does not have one.

Nevertheless, Port Coquitlam folks are proud of their stomping grounds. Why shouldn’t they be? Everyone loves a good suburban family!

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10 Signs You Grew Up in Port Coquitlam


10 Signs You Grew Up in Port Coquitlam

You’re either a Northsider or a Southsider

At some point in your life, you’ve probably had a verbal fight with someone over which side is better. (image via globalairphotos)


It’s “PoCo”, not Port Coquitlam

We genuinely take offense when outsiders do not understand what PoCo stands for. Anyone from PoCo knows it’s PoCo.


Tim Horton’s was the coolest place to hang

Make sure you had a guest list – Timmie’s was bumpin’ on a school night. Seriously though, you’ve probably eaten more Timbits than a police officer.


10 Signs You Grew Up in Port Coquitlam

You took house parties very seriously

What PoCo lacked in nightlife it made up for in dangerously fun house parties. Pretty sure the term “motor-boating” started at a party in PoCo.


Wednesday was the new Saturday

We loved our wings, especially on Wing Wednesdays at the Cat & Fiddle. Most of PoCo truly understands how awful it is to work on a Thursday morning after a wing night out.


10 Signs You Grew Up in Port Coquitlam

Thirsty Thursday was your creed

If a bar offers ridiculously cheap, black label beer, you were there…every Thursday. The Arms will always hold a special place in your heart thanks to those Thirsty Thursdays. (Image via The Arms/Facebook)


You know what a Bunwich is (if you hailed from the Southside, that is)

Nope, it’s not a sandwich. It’s literally a bun with all the toppings of a sandwich stuffed into it. The European Bakery was the ONLY place to get one of these bad boys, and the extremely long line-up at lunchtime was well worth the wait every time.


10 Signs You Grew Up in Port Coquitlam

The PoCo trail was your go-to biking trail

Your dad most likely made you ride your bike along this damn trail at least five times a year. You’ve slid along the dyke, fallen into the Fraser River and gotten lost in the Industrial area all in one day. You consider yourself a triathlete because of it. (image via istargazer)


You passionately dislike taking the bus

Unlike bigger cities, PoCo is behind in regards to public transit. You understand the misery of taking the 159 bus: If you missed the bus by just one minute, you were stuck waiting an entire hour for the next bus to come. Your boss even lets your tardiness slide because; well…he has even missed the bus a few times.


10 Signs You Grew Up in Port Coquitlam

Terry Fox is your hero

The man ran across Canada on one leg and you feel for him. You’d lace up your shoes with a sense of dignity each Terry Fox Run. And you would run your little heart out to honour him over and over again. It’s what PoCo people do!



Alright, PoCo may not be the most happening town in all of the Tricities, but living there made you a better person. Our parents were all members of the Neighborhood Watch, the PoCo Bowling Alley was the best place for a birthday party, and most importantly, we all knew each other some way or another.

PoCo people stick together and stick up for each other; we know how boring it can be living in a small suburb town next to the likes of Vancouver. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Above all, how do know you grew up in PoCo? When you have kids, you want them to grow up in PoCo, too.


Written By: Crystal Scuor

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