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10 Clubs To Sign Up For: SFU Edition


You know that university way up on top of Burnaby Mountain? Yeah, that’s Simon Fraser University.. weird place to put a school (I don’t know who’s idea that was).

Anyways, Simon Fraser University is off to another great year with students excited (not really) to be back in class and ready to learn (more like checking out the new Snapchat update). Without further adieu, here’s 604 Now’s list of 10 clubs to join at SFU. Enjoy!


SFU Model NATO Club

Thinking about going into politics? Want to learn about policy decision making? Then SFU Model NATO Club is just for you! They seek to simulate the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s decision making process and through a series of educational workshops, lectures, and seminars, SFU Model NATO Club hopes to educate and connect students who have an interest in international relations, diplomacy, security, and defense.

With the help of academics, military professionals, diplomats and other stakeholders, students will get a firsthand experience and knowledge from practitioners of NATO. Sound cool? Email [email protected] to join.


Darkroom Club – SFU

Sometimes all that someone needs is a little bit of freedom, choice, and space to put together  the best ideas, and projects that they can come up with. The Darkroom Club at SFU provides members of the club with an artistic outlet where they are free to experiment with conventional film photography. Locally we have seen over the years how dramatically the film industry has declined but with the help of clubs like this, young artistic individuals can help it rebound. Email  [email protected] to join.



What do you get when you put together a few like minded individuals in one room? Endless possibilities. CaseIT is group of likeminded individuals who host an annual international business case competition with a strong Management Information Systems (MIS) focus where students from various backgrounds of IT and business can showcase their skills in areas such as teamwork, problem solving, and critical thinking to a panel of industry professionals.

CaseIT offers individuals the perfect environment to make new connections with industry professionals while honing their business, and IT skills outside of the classroom. If this sounds like your ideal situation email [email protected].


Tacit Startup

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you an amazing idea, but you may not have the resources, or have certain obstacles in the way of your dream? These can range from legal issues to finding the right team to put together to make it all possible. So if you have an idea to turn into a business but got no money and resource to start or you think you have the knowledge and skills for working with a startup company, check out TACIT Startup. Learn more by emailing [email protected].


Pre-Pharm Society (PPS)

The SFU Pre-Pharm Society serves as an association of students intending on pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sciences. At SFU pharmaceutical sciences have grown tremendously throughout the years and falls in line with the general global trend. Their purpose is to aid students in the admission process through information sessions, PCAT preparation, interview preparation, semestral fundraisers, volunteering opportunities, and more.

The SFU Pre-Pharm Society offers students all the tools necessary to succeed in the future. If you are interested in joining email  [email protected].


350 – SFU

Is climate change something you are passionate about and want to make a difference on? Over the past few years climate change has come to the forefront of many topics, and discussions with large organizations playing a huge role in the matter. 350-SFU aims to raise awareness among students, faculty, and alumni about SFU’s role in mitigating climate change. To join email [email protected].


DoTA2 Club

A club to meet fellow players that enjoy playing DoTA and DoTA2. All players noobs and veterans are welcome to join. We are willing to teach the game either in game or in a room with a projector. We will try to setup in house tournaments and watch tournaments together.

DoTA2 Club offers all fans of the game to get together on campus and take part in some serious gaming to escape the turbulence associated with university studies. Gamers email  [email protected] to start gaming.


Ideas Worth Spreading (IWS)

Some students just don’t feel as comfortable, and open to sharing their ideas when a professor, or teacher is there directing all the conversations and discussions.  The club’s purpose is to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere where students can engage in creating goals and empowering themselves, through the means of community and personal growth.

The club aims to inspire students to use volunteering and other activities to connect them to their passions. We intend to create ideas/ideologies worth spreading. Email  [email protected] to start sharing your ideas.


Jfashion Vancouver

Whoever said students from UBC and SFU did not get along was very wrong. Jfashion Vancouver is a joint club between UBC and SFU focused on Japanese fashion. They hold DIY workshops in Harbour Centre every month, with Jpop dance parties, styling workshops, and socials spread in between.

The number of Japanese people living in Vancouver over the years has increased mightily, and with that comes a diverse, and different fashion that Vancouverites have welcomes. For more information email [email protected].


G-One Dance -Bollywood Dance Team

Balle Balle! India’s vibrant Bollywood culture has helped shape Vancouver into what it is today. SFU Bollywood Dance Team is a place to enjoy the vibrant culture of Bollywood Dance. G-One (Jeevan) is a Dance group inspired by Bollywood freestyle. They gather together to create and practice dance routines on their favourite Hindi songs. If your dream has been to learn some crazy Bollywood dance moves email [email protected] to get started!



Written by Hamed Amiri

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