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granville island
Jan 3, 2024

A Walk Through Granville Island Nearly 100 Years Ago

December 20, 2023

A Walk Through Gastown History from 145 Years Ago

December 12, 2023

Looking Back at The 1996 "Storm of the Century" In Vancouver & Victoria

December 7, 2023

The Last Time Vancouver Had A White Christmas

Princess Diana
Dec 5, 2023

Take A Look At The SkyTrain Car That Princess Diana Graced In '86

Expo 86 put the City of Vancouver on the world stage. The world witnessed the greatest technological advancements in transportation against the r...

Fraser River Frozen
Dec 1, 2023

The Last Time The Fraser River Froze Over

We’ve had a warmer winter than usual, but there was a time where things were very very cold. Although it’s not uncommon for ice to float ...

Nov 22, 2023

A Look Back at Playdium Metrotown Will Give You All The Feels

If you grew up in the Lower Mainland, then you probably remember the best arcade spot in Burnaby – Playdium at Metrotown. The arcade mecca ...

Surrey Public Market
Nov 18, 2023

This Ugly Ruin Was Once Surrey's Version of the Granville Island Public Market

Though you may not know it, Surrey used to have a vibrant Public Market.  The market was closed in the 1990’s. Where for the next 19 years the...

Stanley Park Zoo
Nov 5, 2023

Stanley Park Once Had A Zoo And Here's What It Was Like

When taking a stroll through Vancouver’s most iconic park, it’s hard to believe it was once home to a zoo that carried more than 50 s...

5 Photos Of Stanley Park From 1890 - 1940
Nov 5, 2023

Vintage Photos Of Stanley Park From Over A Century Ago

Stanley Park has a lot of rich history in Vancouver and has frequently been ranked as one of the most beautiful city park in the world. Unlike ot...

vancouver yvr airport
Nov 5, 2023

Throwback: YVR Airport Then and Now

They say everything changes over time, and YVR Airport is no exception! Below is a picture of the ultra popular YVR Airport in back in the 60s an...

sea to sky highway 1957
Oct 29, 2023

Driving on the Sea to Sky Highway in the 50s Looked Like a Rocky Adventure

Sea to Sky Highway is known as scenic cliffside drive showcasing “Beautiful B.C.” It’s interesting to see it through the eyes o...

haunted hume hotel
Oct 19, 2023

One of BC's Oldest Hotels Is Also One of The Most Haunted

Hume Hotel is one of the province’s oldest hotels which also makes sense why people consider it to be one of the most haunted places too. The h...

Haunted Waterfront Station
Oct 15, 2023

5 Ghost Stories From One of BC's Most Haunted Buildings: Waterfront Station

Despite its relatively young age, Vancouver’s buildings have plenty of history to tell and Waterfront Station is no exception. First built ...

Oct 13, 2023

This Century-Old Theatre May Be One of the Most Haunted Spots in Vancouver

The Orpheum Theatre, which is located down Granville Street, is surely one of the city’s great venues. Since opening in the late 1920′s, it h...

Canada Post Office
Oct 6, 2023

Vancouver Used To Have A Massive 2,400 Foot Tunnel Running Beneath It

It may come as a shock to some, but not all of Vancouver’s history sits above ground. In fact, one of its most fascinating relics was desig...