UBC Campus-Wide Snowball Fight Draws Over 3,000 People (PHOTOS)


Photo: @georgeliou96 / Instagram

Thousands of students at the University of British Columbia found an epic way to escape the textbooks for a few hours.

Alongside staff and faculty, over three thousand individuals gathered at Main Mall for a gigantic campus-wide snowball fight on Monday.

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In a safe and all-inclusive environment, UBC once again proved that they know how to bring the fun no matter the weather.

Here is a collection of your photos of the epic event.

Yes, there in the air. To all the haters. @ubyssey #ubcsnowballfight #snowfight #ubc #vancouver #winter #ubyssey

A photo posted by Ahmad S. (@ahmad.shafiq11) on

#ubcsnowballfight #ubc #ubyssey #vancouver 📷: @jackhauen

A photo posted by The Ubyssey (@ubyssey) on

#UBC snowball fight #2 #vancity #Snow #snowcouver #Vancouver #Fun #snowballfight #dailyhivevan

A photo posted by Kangsoon Park (@kangsoon2.0) on

Duck. #ubcsnowballfight #ubc #vancouver

A photo posted by Jack Hauen (@jackhauen) on

snow way I'm going to pass my math midterm

A photo posted by Lola (@lolabryson) on

Pwning n o o b s a snowball at a time

A photo posted by Micko Benrimoh (@micko_benrimoh) on

Campus wide snowball fight?!

A photo posted by Zenia Yim (@zen_ia) on

to the person that hit me with a snowball so large I have a bruise, I got my ice on you 👀

A photo posted by alicia wong (@shibaennui) on


A photo posted by anjali (@njalii) on

Action shot. This is war. #UBCSnowBallFight

A photo posted by Jocelyn Lachapelle (@jjoce67) on


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