Vancouver-Filmed Deadpool Set To Shoot Sequel Starting In May 2017

Vancouver Filmed Deadpool Breaks Box Office Records - Deadpool Pumped Over $40 Million Into BC’s Economy

Everyone’s favourite mercenary is back as ‘Deadpool 2’ is set to start shooting in Vancouver on May 1st.

Ryan Reynolds is returning as the lead after the first film was a huge success after becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time.

Last year’s filming caused the Georgia Viaduct to close for shooting, it is yet to be determined where they will be filming around Vancouver this time around.

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Deadpool has received numerous awards including two Golden Globe nominations, a Writers Guild nomination and a Producers Guild of America nomination.

The film’s budget was $58-million and they far surpassed that with earning $500-million in the first week and a half alone.

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