City Delivering More Salt To Vancouver Fire Halls Today


The City of Vancouver has distributed more salt to Vancouver Fire & Rescue today in an effort to help homeowners clean up their property and sidewalks.

Vancouver has received more snow than it has seen in years and it has caused many streets to become more of a skating rink than a safe place for pedestrians to walk.

Free salt was given out yesterday but supplies quickly ran out in anticipation of the next snowfall this weekend.

Today, the salt is going fast but there will be additional salt dropped off at these Vancouver fire halls after 12 pm.

There’s a limit of one small bucket per household as supplies are limited.

In addition, City Councillor Melissa De Genova is calling for an inquiry on salt giveaways and the city’s lack of a snow removal plan.

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Meagan Gill

Meagan is the Associate Editor at 604 Now. She studied Journalism at Mount Royal University. She is passionate about Vancouver and enjoys writing about the people, issues and events that shape our city. In her spare time, Meagan is interested in photography, loves to spend time outdoors, and volunteers for Big Sisters.