Surreal Drone Footage Captures Hockey Game On Frozen Lake Near Maple Ridge


Photo: Cole Cooke / Facebook

For most, the recent cold snap on B.C.’s South Coast made the daily commute just a little bit harder. For others, however, it meant that they could play some pond hockey on a frozen lake.

20-year-old university student Cole Cooke took full advantage of the sub-zero temperature after discovering Whonnock Lake near Maple Ridge had frozen over.

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So what would any Canadian do in this situation?

Play hockey of course! Cooke got together his brother and girlfriend where they then decided to organize a trip.

The three of them were able to skate on untouched ice, and Cooke was able to film the entire game with his drone.

The footage shows other skaters who also had the opportunity to hit the ice, including someone who was dressed in a Santa suit.

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Hamed Amiri

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