Magical Photos Capture A True Canadian Winter in Surrey

It looks like we may have a true Canadian Christmas after all, with the snowy and chilly weather we’ve been having.

The snowfall has created a lot of hype and excitement among Metro Vancouverites and Surrey is no exception.

Here are a few photos people have shared over social media recently that showcase the beautiful winter wonderland that has taken over the city.

Photo: Barinder Rasode/Twitter

Photo: Barinder Rasode/Twitter

This photo shows how the regular streets of Surrey have transformed into an epic winter wonderland.

This photo looks like it came from a movie scene but instead it was taken at the Elements Casino racetrack.

This photo sets the perfect Canadian winter scene, it’s just missing a Tim Horton’s cup.

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Meagan Gill

Meagan is the Associate Editor at 604 Now. She studied Journalism at Mount Royal University. She is passionate about Vancouver and enjoys writing about the people, issues and events that shape our city. In her spare time, Meagan is interested in photography, loves to spend time outdoors, and volunteers for Big Sisters.