Queen Elizabeth Park Debuts Vancouver’s First Outdoor Pickleball Court


Photo: Vancouver Tennis Club / Facebook


No, it does not involve a pickle, in case you’re wondering.

The Vancouver Park Board announced Thursday that they’re debuting the city’s very first outdoor pickleball court in Queen Elizabeth Park.

The Park Board currently has indoor pickleball courts in 13 community centres.

The sport involves wooden paddles and a plastic whiffle ball, while combining elements of ping pong, tennis, and badminton.

“We selected Queen Elizabeth Park with Memorial Park West and John Hendry Park to follow, in order to service pickleball players across the city,” said Park Board Chair Sarah Kirby-Yung.

The announcement of two additional courts in the near future indicates that the sport is growing fast and is attracting many players across metro Vancouver.

The courts selected by the Park Board will remain to be operational for tennis, but will also provide new lines for pickleball purposes. There will also be portable nets for players to use.

“The sport is becoming increasingly popular, especially with seniors. Today, there are almost 700 pickleball players in Vancouver so these new outdoor courts will be well used,” said Chuck Lefaive, Founding Director of Pickleball Canada and BC Pickleball.

If you’re wondering where the name pickeball comes from, the sport was named after a dog named Pickles.

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