PHOTOS: Canada Day Steveston Salmon Festival

Every municipality in metro Vancouver held Canada Day celebrations on Friday, and Richmond hosted their festivities in Steveston.

Entertainment including a Salmon Festival, live acts including Ajaye Jardine, Ships to Shore, car shows, and much more. Below are a photos catching some of the excitement.

Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8584
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8503
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8395
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8368
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8361

Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8291
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8240


Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8041
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8005
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8002
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8000
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8375
Canada Day_ Steveston_British_Columbia_Salmon_Festival-8363



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Photos by Justin Ruscheinski – JR Media Group.

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Justin Ruscheinski

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